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Anyone in the Sydney area with a Datsun 1000 coupe?We are currently trying to reproduce lower rear quarters, if you have a 1000 coupe and are happy for us to take some patterns please let us know.
Automotive Panel Craft
What would it involve? How do you produce the pattern? Where are you located?
GTi-t KB10
It would be placing a sheet of paper on the panel to get the correct shape and curves.They are made by using old school techniques using an english wheel and sandbags.We are located near Campbelltown.
My number is 042 111 9355
Hi mate if lush comes to shove I am in Canberra maybe able to take it down to Campbelltown later this year or feel free to pop up
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
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