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Wanted datsun 1000 rocker cover and metal engine fan

Anyone got these bits?

G'day Leigh,
Can help if you get really stuck. Postage would take a fair while, normally three weeks.
Hi Leigh, I have both of these bits. I'm in melbourne so pm if you need them. I'm in se suburbs.
cool, thanks chris ill see if i can find anything local and if not ill take you up on the offer
Dix, if you can pm me your number we can have a chat!
You getting the wagon back out Leigh?.....
Yep making a comeback. Just getting it on h plates for now then giving it a freshen up once I've built my shed in a year or so
Great news Leigh. I'm glad you kept it in the end. Can't remember if you sold the Starsharks or not?....
I've baught another 2 door which i'm yet to show off. Would be keen for a cruse when you get yours back out there. Dix might not be too far off with his ute also.
Great stuff you know Leigh, your wagon is the very thing that convinced me to buy a datsun 1000 wagon! A year ago i use to look at the video on youtube of you  pulling out of a garage i think after the a15 injection was completed. I'd nearly druel every time seeing those starsharks. 
Great to see your getting back into it.  Btw does it still have that engine with all the goodies or did you sell it all?
Yeah i sold the motor and injection/exhaust which i think is up in PNG with chris these days? Im glad it provided some inspiration back in ther day
Its a lot rougher than it was, having spent a few years with not a lot of love in storage and then 6 months outside at phillip island while ive been renovating. i still have some cool bits and in the long run plan to do an efi turbo a banger on e85. a mate of mine has made over 200kw at the wheels out of a pretty stock a12 and while i wont be going that crazy id love an easy 125kw. it needs attention with paint and panel too that might be a winter project in years to come.
but for now its just getting it onto H plates and cruise around in it give me a month or two and im keen!
Oh and btw did I mention that I now own your old starsharks  Bought them from Simon a couple months back
lucky you! they were mint and a great fit for the thou. have you fitted them up yet? i kind of want them back but cant afford them there will be more
Not yet. Yes thats why i'd been hunting around and two months ago decided i'd click on his avatar when in your build you said you sold them to him. And what do you know he had them for sale
still working out funds and also what tyre size etc as i want to slam the wagon down a tad more. I also just on the weekend happened to look on gumtree and found this guy with a 180b wagon and he was selling deepened 13 inch steelies... 13x7 i think.  Wierdest thing is that they fit cortina chrome hubcaps. And it also has ford stamped on one of the tabs that the cap clips onto. No sign of modification or change to get the stud pattern to 114.3, as far as i remember my cortinas had 4x108...ill post piccys up later some time
i'll be keeping both nonetheless as my wife loves that classic whitewall chrome caps look but i still want the old starsharks too so ill probably see each set on every fortnight haha
yes im sure you'll find a set especially if you managed to find these from japan you did well to
XP falcon had 13" and 14" steelies that fit the Thou,
the starsharks weigh about 5.5 kilos they are awesome! I noticed a huuuge diference in the feel/steering/braking when i put heavy 13 x 7 steelies on
Yea  i reckon you would feel the difference. I got ssr meshies on atm that are similar weight if not lighter cause they're not as wide. Ill be selling them though... 
Reason i'll run both rims is cause the wagon is being used as a daily and i'll be taking it everywhere for busking everyday (full time job haha). And it sees the ocasional dirt road when i teach drums and stuff. I'm going to take the starsharks to an alloy doctor to get the tiny gutter rash marks filled then i want them to stay that way and use them for weekends and shows and the nice non daily stuff  
Dundee i did not know that!!! That definately explains it. Falcon who would have thought!
Matthew, I'm interested in the SSRs if you are planning on selling them.
All sorted out thanks dix1000 and toad
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