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blasting damaged my parts

So I had my wagon blasted today,leaving with a clean bare shell.
problem is after the guy lefy, I discovered my bonnet and door glass (not removed from doors) was severely dameged beyond repair. 
Can I use bonnets other than the wagon one?
I can not find glass anywhere? Any options for door glass? Other models?
The blaster offered to buy a coupe but I don't think that will be any use to me???
Only the 2dr sedan doors and door glass are the same as the wagon. Pretty sure all 1000 bonnets are the same though.
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Cheers for that. That's what I was thinking
Amore is on the money, alll bonnets are the same,
2 door sedan and wagon have the same doors,
coupe and 4 door are different...
4 door and ute have same front doors...
Your blaster should be arranging the replacement bonnet, the door glass is your problem but he should have notified you as well.
I've blasted all of my project cars myself and warping of bonnets is common. Your blaster should have notified you that it would not blast successfully.
It is still possible to sand blast a bonnet but it requires careful skill, so if it was damaged or warped it would be due to neglect and or poor workmanship. Pursue him to cover the costs of replacement or a partial refund.
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