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seat belt mounting points

Can anyone tell me if all wagons have front seat belts that mount through the front pillar?
if "no" not all wagons, where do they mount?
Done a lil research and apparently only vehicles with made after 1/7/1967 must have front seatbelts.
My ID plate only has 1967 stamped on it.
I don't know if I should delete the holes in my pillar for seat belts or not?
Im going lap belts in the front... welding up the pilar hole, bolts are on the piss and look crap anyway IMO...
Did they come out standard with lap belts? It'll have to go to Regency for mod inspection
I was lead to belive they didn't come with belts, they were installed here to be more appealing to the Australian market.
If you still want 3 point belts without the barrel bolt going right through, look into seatbelt spreader plates.
If you do this you will need a 7/16UNF bolt with the correct strength grade for seatbelt use, plus the usual wave washer and shouldered spacer to allow freedom of movement on the bolts axis.
Otherwise Lap belts in the original holes should pass rego. (This is what I am currently running).
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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