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KB10 Rolling Shell, 2 Datsun 1000 Coupe's - $1,600.00

I'm selling two KB10 Rolling Shells one is very rusty and only good for parts and has Disc Brake Coversion and Larger Diff, The yellow car is an older resoration and has rust in the sills and floor, I also have heaps of NOS parts and performance parts as well for sale, $1000 is just for the shells but open to offers for the whole lot if interested.
everyone should have a rusty coupe or two in their yard... ha ha
Hey mate sorry I didnt get back to you the other weekend i've run low on cash atm and will have to give it a miss unless they're still around in a couple months.
i was the guy who rung but u said u were racing and to call u on monday haha
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