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FS: Datsun 1000 JDM Badges , Sunny 1000, Sunny, NOS DeLuxe Shields - $25.00

I have a few things for sale:

1 x 'Sunny 1000' Boot Badge- Good Condition, All pins there. $25.00

1 x 'Sunny 1000' Boot Badge- Average Condition - pitted chrome, All pins there. $15.00

1 x 'Sunny' Guard Badge- Good Condition - pitted chrome, All pins there. $20.00

1 x Set Datsun 1000 DeLuxe Shields- NOS, great condition. $80.00

Let me know if you're interested and I'll get some pictures up.

All parts are excess to requirements.

Also have Sunny 'S' grill badge, good condition but could do with some better chrome, $40.00?

God help me, attaching a picture is a mission.
Resize the pics to a width of 790px or less before you upload them.
Or upload the pics using your gallery and it will create a thumbnail.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Yeah I'm looping them in from photobucket, but when I re-type a smaller image size it shrinks but then goes back to the huge size once the post has been submitted.
Sorry Chris

The editor we are using is for HTML, when it converts to BB code it loses the width and height information.
We have to use BB code for security reasons.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
HI Ash it's no big deal, thanks for your concern.

I think people get the gist of it, if you need more pics I have more.

hey mate! do you still have the sunny 1000 boot badges (x2). I want them!

There is one boot badge left, the one in better condition has been sold along with all the other badges.

Hi chris
sorry for the late reply mate, do u still have that (sunny 1000) badge?
Hello turbo,
Yeah I think I still have the one in average condition here. Pretty sure I do. 

If you still want to sell it, ill buy it. I need a way of contacting you to arrange postage and payment
thanks (im new to all this
'Sunny' Guard Badge is nice
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