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DATSUN 1000 b20 Ute $600 - $600.00

Datsun b20
Great little ute just waiting for the right person to restore it .Car in original condition and mostly complete, engine turns
 Dash in good condition for its age.Great starting point for a resto
Was told the engine and gear box are original 
Originally bought to re create B20 steel panels and was keen to restore it, but  not enough time  to do it. It needs to go to someone that has the time and passion.Has been sitting around going to waste, which is a shame if there's someone out there looking for one of these great little utes to restore.
 Pick up at Raby 2566 Pm me if interested


I was wondering what condition the floorpan is in from the firewall back to the seat rails? I purchased a couple of floor replacement sections from you but they're not going to suit what I need. Also chasing a drivers side qtr glass lock. I'd have to see what its going to cost to get it up here compared to going to a panel shop.

Hi there,the floors will have to be replaced.
Is there something different we can make for you floors.What would suit your needs?
Thanks, (please don't take my previous post as complaining in case it came across that way) I really need close enough to an entire floor now. I would say I'm going to have to butcher a donor from somewhere to get it sorted.

What about the drivers side qtr glass and window lock? Would you be prepared to part with it?

Or if you have front indicators?

Hey, It didn't come across that way. I just like to make sure all is good with the panels and see if I could help you out
The ute's sold pending payment. I don't have a side quarter glass and lock or front indicators.
I'll have a look at the ute floor tomorrow and see if it's possible to make it in one peice, that's if your interested.
Thanks, that'd be good if you can. As long as it's not going to be too pricy with freight etc. Cheers.
Hi, do you want the floor to be from the front to the rear?or could you tell me what you need.The car is being picked up tomorrow night, so I'll have to get the pattern aasp before it goes.
Yes, It would need to be the whole floor. thanks
Sorry but the car was been picked up before you got back to me. We do have rear floors if that's any good?
no problem. thanks
if you get anyone in Brisbane chasing the sections I have, let me know. I have no use for them
Hey mate, 
Long shot, you don't happen to have any guards for sale?
Chasing RHF in particular? both would help though
whats the roof like as well?
Sorry, just re read the post and noticed it sold
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