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Perth Hills Cruise 26/4/15, Beetie from 1200 posted this...

Time for a hills run.Start location: Midland, Carpark inbetween where Gt Eastern HWY divides. Meet at 10AM for a 10:30 leaveWhere to? Cruising up Toodyay Rd to O'Brians rd and a quick pit stop at the Peter Brock Memorial before heading onto the Parkerville Tavern on Ownen Rd.Contact: Chris via PM or 0439550799 or there is an event on facebook on Perth Datsun Club
Some pictures from the Datto Day 26/4
Perth Datto Cruise
Some great looking cars there good to see the interest there as well
I have been a long time member of the 1200 club but found this site. As I have a coupe this is where I should be.
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