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Datsun deluxe shield, got badged!

As the title suggests I'm chasing two deluxe shield badges for the front quarter panels. I remember seeing them on ebay brand new for a while but can't seem to find the ad.. second hand is fine. I'm in adelaide but happy to pay for postage.
I'll have a hunt and see if i have anything worth sending...
thanks a lot, dundee. I'm not worried about condition. do you remember routinely seeing them brand new as a pair on ebay?
His ebay postage states... no post to Australia.
It could be worth asking if he will post, I have bought from him before.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
paddy, If you ask him, mabee send a few sets, I'll pay for a set....
That's the ad! Thanks ash. I haven't contacted the seller yet as I am going to take my 1000 2 door sedan to adelaide datsun day this weekend and was hoping to find some sooner.. I will probably contact the seller regardless because i assume like most of you i love spare parts. 
will be sure to post on here before buying.. Just to see who else would want a set. 
Dundee, did you find your's?
heya paddy, 
I'll grab a pic to send to you...
did you get the pics Paddy?
Pmd dundee.
Hi mate did you get your shield? I have come across one if you need. Pm me if you do
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