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1000 Van Tail lights, Lenses

Received the finished product today.
I'm very happy with the end result
Hi Greeny,
they look awesome!! You really can't get any better than that! This guy stands to have  agreat market on his hands if he keeps doing such great jobs!
Did you supply each lens to be reproduced/ i.e. can he do a RHS from a LHS? Also, does the reproduction process damage your original in any way? If your originals were less than perfect, do the imperfections get transalted into the new piece?  (So many questions...    )
Finally, out of curiosity - (if you're willing to say) - what was the $?  (It can't have been more than my uncle had paid for his!!)
Overall, I think you made the right move!
Good stuff! Now no doubt he has them for sale, the same guy did my park lenses and the quality is spot on. It's good there's still some low volume manufacturing left in Australia. Maybe some arrow and round indicator lenses...1k bits are getting scarce.
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