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Regulator relay, regulator relay permanently operated

Hi all having a problem with my 1000 
The regulator relay is permantly operated with out the key operated and sending the battery flat ,  I have changed the regulator didn't fix the problem . If any one has had this problem or can help would be appreciated  thanks
When you say regulator relay, what do you mean exactly? Alternator regulator?, wiper regulator? coil?
Judging by what you have said, it seems that the key switch is playing up.
Swap that out and see what happens.
As I found out, (from the grand master of all things datsun related) high voltage passes though the key switch for the ignition circuit, and if its flakey it can show as all sorts of issues.
To be fair, what is now at least a 45 year old key switch it nots unreasonable that they would give out.
Thanks for the reply. Found the problem a diode in the alternator
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