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Milo's 1000 Sedan

Hey Guys.
Picked up this little beauty a couple of weeks ago.
Just in the Process of getting it ready for NSW rego. I'll post some more photos once I have done that.
Lots of good info on here, and I'm sure I'll be bugging you all in the near future.  
Unsure of plans yet, nothing major, (I don't think ), but who knows.
Drove it down from Brisbane to Wollongong, and made it fine.  

[Anyway, just a teaser for now.
1969 Dato Sedan
Hi Milo.
Congrats on your new car, I look foward to seeing some more pics of how it is now and also of what you get up to with it.
Always good to see 1000 stuff.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Nice sedan mate. Look forward to seeing more pics of it, decent sized pipe poking out the back! Got a a10 or 12 in it?
Thanks Guys.
Apart from a broken indicator stalk, and faulty Stop/Tail Globe holder, the rest of it is fine as it is.
Motor is an A12 with a small Webber. Not sure what type though?
Engine bay does need a good clean up, and some fuel hoses replaced, so will get on to them soon.
1969 Dato Sedan
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