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Front Bumper Support Brackets

Anyone have any front bumper bar support brackets around they want to get rid of? 
Looks like there is a LH bracket and a RH bracket.
Interested in a front bumper in fairly good condition too, though might go a fibreglass option from  http://www.motorsportfibreglass.com.au/products/c19/Datsun-1000
Anyone tried a fibreglass bumper from them before?
About time spares has a left bracket.
Not much help on its own, but worth keeping in mind depending on whats avaliable to you.
Worst case it is a mirror image of what you would need to make for a right side bracket.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Yes - thanks saw that LH one from About Time Spares, but if I'm going to fabricate one, I might as well make two :-)
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