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my 1970 1000 ute, New running gear

Hi all
(first time blogger and datsun owner)
i am writing in regard to some advice read some time back. as i am going to follow this advice and put this motor into my 1970 1000 ute.
the only question i have, do you known the lengnth of the conrod ?? for the advise given below?
i look forward to building this motor, so any further advice (webbers, extractors, or other) would be ariciated. 
i have to put an auto in because i use hand contols (wheelchair user) so any advice on the auto as well will be helpfull.
Honestly looks pretty worn and a15 are overrated a big bore a12 to 1300cc is one of the best all roundengines you can have. Good short stroke for revsand wonderful torque due to alsmost perfect rod stroke ratio.If you really want a perfect A series for your 1000 stickto an early front dizzie a12, use a14 crank with a littlemachining to clear counterweights, rebalance use laterconrods with 76mm full floating pistons from anotherbrand or stock a15 pistons shaved a tad and you havea perfect 1400cc in an A12 engine block.Go to 77mm and get 1430cc but no worth the lack ofbore wall thickness left over for further future honing. No engine mounts changes and no engineering issues.
Welcome to the group Rhys.
My understanding is that A12A conrods are the bolt in option for this engine mash up.
Although A12A rods are hard to source, so the more common approach is to use A12 conrods and have the small end bored out  to suit the new pistons..
Also, good to have another south east qld member on here. (Not many of us).
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
i have an A12 with an early front dizi that has been reconditioned comming up from mexico (sydney) next week so i will use those rod's i guess?? unless i can source some laterconrods (not quit sure the impications of latter).
i would have thought they would be same length as A12 with an early front dizi however, im not accross the motor yet.
i guess i will need to source an A14 crank (dident even know they made an A14.. haha)
The way I understand it.
Generally, A12 rods will be the same between early and late.
Either set would need the small end bored to take your new pistons.
Finding an A12A is about as easy as finding the Loc Ness Monster, so best to use what you have in your early block already.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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