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Is a ute door the same as a sedan door?

Hi all, just wondering if a door to a Datsun 1000 ute is the same dimensions as a sedan door? This is in regards to door rubbers, door cards and anything else. If so, is the 2 door sedan the se as the 4 door sedan (just so I'm getting the right sedan model as well.)
Ute and 4 door sedan are the same as each other.
Wagon and 2 door sedan are the same as each other.
Coupe is on its own.
As for rubbers, not 100% but think they should all be interchangable if you are talking aftermarket as they tend to give too much and you cut to length on install.
Thinking genuine would be specific to each door.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
That's great. Thanks for the info👍
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