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Voltage Regulator - Gauges.

Recently my brother helped me repair the voltage regulator on my 1000.
My fuel level gauge and water temperature gauge would cut out all together and then jump back to life with a gentle slap to my gauge cluster.
After doing a little bit of Googling it seemed that all I needed was constant 9v to the gauges and my brother suggested a DC/DC Switch Mode Converter.
He had one lying about so we decided to put it into the existing voltage reg housing...
We opened it by peeling the tabs back with some pliers.

This gave us access to the voltage regulator's circuit board.

We then cut the old stuff off leaving us with the two female blade plugs and the grounding point which clamps into the tabs that we previously peeled back for removal of the board.
We then soldered our DC/DC Switch Mode Converter to the three connections (Voltage-In, 9V-Voltage-Out and Ground).

Then put the board back In, squeezed the tabs closed and put it in as normal.
I havnt done a lot of driving since the swap, but so far so good.
My gauges hold steady again. 
I'll update this post if I have any issues in the future.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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