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restoration project, Engine parts.

Hi all.
We are a small garage in london UK. We have been given the task of rebuilding/refreshing the engine of a 1969 B10 1000. I thought i would ask you guys where i might find things like big end shells, piston rings and gasket sets etc?
This car had been standing for around 15 years. Put a battery on it , fresh fuel and it started right up. But the owners are planning a complete restoration as it belonged to their father.
Cheer all.
Heya Mate, and welcome, 
Bprojects in Japan can help with a heap of bits, 
it will depend on what you find when you pull it down on what is the best way to go with parts, A10
Datsun 1000
if not there is plenty of aftermarket parts we can hunt down, 
cheers, Mike
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