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Datsun 1000 Panel Van

Thought that I would post this out of interest; I have "borrowed" the photo from an ebay listing. 
Would be interesting to see if anyone knows anything about this variant. It is LHD. Im assuming it may have been some option offered by Nissan based on the brochure. Would be interesting to know.
Would also be interesting to know if anyone has tried this on a VB10? I recall seeing one for sale a few years ago on Gumtree which had this conversion started by the owner.
Interesting to hear others thoughts.
That is an amazing find.
Today I learned the mighty 1k came as a panelvan.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Here is the link to the current ebay listing:
Note item location is Italy. Only one photo in the listing which is a little disappointing (for us here anyway). Are there any members from Italy on here that are able to shed some more light on this?
Maybe we should all chip in a bit and buy the brochure for research/info purposes.
I just placed a bid of 20 euros, so if I was to win it would owe me up to approx $50 or so after postage is added
If I win the auction ill scan it and upload it to our vintage perss section and we'll all see whats on the reverse side of the card.
Im assuming it will be similar to the other two van cards we have in the vintage press section.

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I won the auction.
When the postman delivers this I'll scan and upload the images to the vintage press section on here, plus I'll update this topic with the same images.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hi Ash
Great news. I checked the auction early and saw that it was won on a single bid so assumed you had gotten it. Im curious to see the scans when you post them. It will be interesting to see if this is a genuine Nissan publication. Im wondering if the panel van may have been a dealer conversion where a Datsun dealer received a standard VB10 and the parts/panels to convert it over to a panel van at a customers request. Cabin windows may have been removed and replaced with genuine panels supplied from the Nissan factory.
It will be very interesting to see. Thanks for being such an enthusiast and going the extra mile on this one.
I am genuinley interested to see this brochure in greater detail, and to see the other side.
Bidding seemed like the best way to achieve this.
Plus,owning something 1000 related is always a bonus.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I was reading about 1000s on the Nissan heritage collection website, and as such it states that the Datsun Sunny van was designed before the sedan. Go figure
“The first generation Datsun Sunny 1000 that opened the door to “the era of private cars” in Japan was released in April 1966 as a Datsun brand car. The original lineup was 2-door sedan and van. Sunny 1000 4-door van and Sunny truck (B20) were added in 1967. 
Linear exterior was shared with van and sedan, but here is a trivia; when developing the model, van was designed first, and sedan was designed based on van. Sunny 1000 van was a stylish commercial vehicle with an air of sedan and met a multitude of needs. This car is “Datsun Sunny 1000 Van Deluxe” after a minor change in 1968.”

Source: https://www.nissan-global.com/EN/HERITAGE/datsun_sunny_1000_van.html
Ash, are you able to delete my superfluous replies in this thread. It would seem something went wrong when trying to reply. It was throwing an error.
Benny, Sorry I am unable to delete the single posts, so keeping them blank is the best thing to do.
My brother is slowly working on an updated version of this site for us in his spare time.
So hopefully this will mean issues like this will be gone when we do the switch over.
As for the sedan being based on the van, i wonder if this is why the 1000 sedan has such a short boot lid compared to other models of cars?
My thought process is this...
After fitting a parcel shelf and a sloping rear window to a body of a pre-defined dimension thats all the room they had left. (I love the short boot on 1000 sedans)
...Now its time for me to have a read of the van link you posted.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I’m a bit surprised a KB10 (coupe) did not make the model line up. It’s briefly mentioned as a model, however no picture with description.
not a real one... but there was one in the yard... 
The brochure arrived and I have scanned it and cleaned the image up in photoshop to remove minor tear marks in the edges etc.
I also typed the danish description section on the back into google translate, to have a read of what is written on the back, so copied the translation and put it below the pictures for anyone interested.

Datsun 1000 Van
- elegant, robust and economical
The new Datsun 1000 van is compact in size, robust in construction and has superior engine power.
Elegant lines from the new radiator section to the practical design of the body give it a very appealing appearance.The large door width and spaciousness make the new Datsun 1000 a very advantageous distribution trolley.
The powerful 1000 cc, 62 HP engine, famous for rally victories worldwide, gives the Datsun 1000 van a max speed of 130 km / h.
At the same time, a major advantage is that the engine has low fuel consumption and requires a minimum of maintenance.
Datsun 1000 has an unusually small turning diameter (8m) and at the same time very great maneuverability, so it appears everywhere in narrow gates and narrow passages.
With its spacious interior and pleasantly upholstered seats, it is a lovely workplace for the driver. 
The cabin is well equipped with instruments in beautiful design.
Yes - everything is created to provide the greatest possible driving comfort, and today anyone can get all these benefits in a Datsun 1000 van, and it can - also on yellow plates - be delivered with side windows in the cargo area, whereby it stays.
A nice 2 - seater station wagon for leisure
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Dundee, I like your yard, it looks to be filled with treasure
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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