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Datsun 1000 Panel Van

heya Ash, sad story with the purple "van" a young fella bought it, many moons ago, I got it engineered for him and he got it licensed, it had an A15/14, some shadey disk setup, 5 speed, 
he lapped it for a while, then his bride got the better of him, so he moved it on, 
the next owner lost the engineering paperwork,  grashed the front, cut the guards out for flares, got a sticker on it? 
so basically it was dead.. 
another mate bought it for the (rego and engineering) then discovered it was lost, not recoverable or renewable, so worthless, 
so ended up as scrap..
Thats a sader story than 2020.
Hope you got some spares atleast.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
I used the back window out of it when mine got broken into at the pub one night
woof woof
I think I might have used a tail light too
The rest... not so flash
ahhh the abuse... 
Give it a rev...
Murder by Magna
I think an axe was involved on the rad support to remove the engine, 
it's sad when people have no care at all, 
this was a Targa west weekend up at Tuesdays farm, watching the rally go past, postie bike races, mud...
looks like it was fun until.. it wasn't.
Thanks for sharing links to those videos.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Hi Ash
My apologies for the delay in getting back to this post. I did try and post a reply a few weeks ago but it seemed to have gotten lost.
Firstly, many thanks for purchasing this brochure and posting the scans of it on this website. It is very interesting that it is an official Nissan publication, hence would imply that the Datsun 1000 Panelvan was an official Nissan release.
Secondly, it is interesting that the publication makes no reference to a model code such as B10 is for the sedan, VB10 for the wagon, KB10 for the coupe.
Thirdly, it is interesting that there is no reference to this model in any of the official Genuine Nissan Parts books that I have which outline the part numbers of the parts which make up the car, as you have scanned on your website.
I also note that there doesn’t seem to be any model introduction booklets published anywhere, similar to the green covered ones that you have scanned to your website.
I see you have posted this information over to the face book based site for the Datsun 1000 with some mixed info being posted.
I think we need to try and find out more information on this model release, but how we do that I am unsure. If you have any ideas please let us know.
Once again thanks for purchasing this publication and posting the scans to your website.
I would think you would need to find books specific to the Danish market to find out more.

I have a couple of those orange parts books in my stash with differing publication numbers on the back, and both my books have part numbers not found within the other.
They are the same for the majority of the book, but I have found numbers missing from one book or the other when looking for part numbers before.
Cant remember what they are, but there are differences between the books, which is why id say a Danish version may hold more answers, as far as actually finding one goes.... I'd say finding the loch ness monster may be easier.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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