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Ute heater box

Which one of these heater boxes is the correct one for a 67 1000 ute?
The heater on the left is a 1000 heater, which has different heater hose inlet/outlet locations on the heater and firewall  depending on if it is early or late.
The early and late heaters look quite different to each other, but cant remember what's what as I've made my own custom heater box for my car, so no longer have a point of reference to check on.
...So it is a 1000 heater, but you'll need to try and fit it to see if the car and heater are compatible.
The heater on the right does look familiar to me, but I cant pick where I've seen it before.
So sorry that I am drawing a blank about weather your 1000 heater is an early or late type,.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash, I'll see how the left hand one fits up. The one on the right came in a box of parts with another 1k ute I have but that car is a bitzer so who knows.
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