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Webber 32/36 DGV, Jetting

Here is a base jetting for a stnadard a12 for a 32/36 DG carby if any one is interested.
Part numbers are US part numbers I think.
Carb: 32/36 DGAV or 32/36 DGEV

Part #: 22680.033B
Venturis: 26/27
Auxiliary venturis: 3.5/3.5
Main jets: 140/140
Emulsion tubes: F50/F50
Air correction jets: 170/160
Idle jets: 60/50
Jump jet: 50
Needle valve: 2.00
The A and E in DG_V refers to the type of choke. A is water, E is electric. DGV is manual choke.
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