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My 1000 Wagon, Another distraction from my other projects!

jeez you got that low max, how much distance you have between the diff and chassis? just interested to know if its as low as my ute what shocks your running
they both look sweet
Hey ThouUte,
The truth is im looking for some shorter shocks ( one day ) - the front of the car it still has good leaf movement- ( i prob could have gone a little lower ) but in the back i butchered the leaf set up - so its bouncing off compressed shock's.
All pre 70's Datsun's are made with thicker grade metal any way  so i figure im not going to pop a shock through the floor with the driving i do in it.
Prolly more likely to break off the lower shock mount.. I've done that a couple of times.. but more from offroad..
no Max no photo's with the 3rd 1000 in it shoud have though ....How ofteen do ypu see three 1000 wags in one day ???
had a tuff day last friday , i got paid to use my 1000 in a swimwear photo shoot 
Pics of or Ban.... lmao
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