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B10 Upper ball joints, Tie rod ends NEW - Sold

Location: Wollongong
Item: 555 & Johnson Japanese brand tie rod ends - FULL SET
Upper Ball Joints Johnson Brand (Japanese made)
Item Condition: Brand New
Reason for Selling: Surplus
Price: Ball Joints $160 with registered post
Tie rods $150 with registered post negotiable
Postage: Included in price
Contact Info: PM me here or 0402673094

Leith cant find mine at all sorry they probably went in a box of stuff I sold with another VB10 
Leith might be interested in the balljoints
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thats cool dave thanks for looking, if no-one wants them i'll take them but i've become a bit of a balljoint hog i have about 4 or 5 sets now i think i have ocd or something lol
edit just saw they're sold
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