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I found this today, I think it is genius.
They also do other radio stuff.
Here are some more companys that do vintage style radios.
These are all expensive options, Does anyone know of anymore companys that do this sort of thing?
My little bro is thinking of doing something along these lines in his celica, but my retro sound is too big for the standard radio hole in his car.
So far im thinking he will be using one of these. (Thanks for letting me know about these D)
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
whats the little amp for? does it just act like an equaliser?
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I have the USA630 ready and waiting to go into the Cadillac... hopefully before the weather warms and cruise season starts
My plan for the little $12 AMP is to...
- Use the original radio like normal
- Run a headphone jack between my iPhone and the line-in on the amp
- Put a subtle/tasteful switch somewhere to toggle output to the speakers between the original radio and the iPhone/amp setup
I want to hide everything and keep the original look. It took me a long time to find an uncut radio bezel, so I'm definately not going to be molesting the car
I have one of these
Its tiny
And haven't tried to plug it into anything yet
I have my doubts as to its power ability
Its about the size opf a ciggy packet !
I can see why you would be dubious about that amp neil. As long as you dont push it too hard it will be fine. I suspect that the sound quality will be zero, and that 500w is peak rating. At that level, not only will you pop speakers, but you will cook the amp in 5 minutes. 
Running a cheap pair of 6*9 speakers on the parcel shelf at normal volumes, listening to ABC radio, yeah it will be fine.
An indicator for better quality in an amp (although not definative) is its weight. More weight indicates better heatsinks and cooling capacity. It it weighs nothing, then there arnt many heat sinks.
Still it will make some noise. If you need encouragement neil, we can jack up a time to wirie it in if you like. Im always keen to do some work for others. It means i dont have to work on my projects!
I found another radio in a similar style as the ones above.

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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