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1000 parts - E.O.I

getting rid of some extra parts will post pic on sat
1 bonnet a1 condition
2 front bumpers ok one chrome one painted i think its the original
2 front aprons ok condition
1stearing wheel no horn pad
will put on ebay in a week if no one on here wants
 vg30et powered starion daily
A12 powered datsun1000 rebuilding
OK, want an aprin if it's in reasonable condition.
What condition is the grille, and possibly a bar, chrome.
I have been chasing these parts for a while.
Definatley an aprin, whats the price, and will look at the pics when you put them up.
could be keen on the wheel should put some pics up  
Thanks Davo
have put some photos in my pics just let me know if interested the grill is the one on my car
 vg30et powered starion daily
A12 powered datsun1000 rebuilding
Ok, PM me to let me know what you want for the lower aprins.
hey mate im interested in the bonnet for sale, you still got it?? what sort of money are you asking???
hi do you have the steering wheel to send a pic please
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