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a10 four speed, tell me what it's worth - E.O.I

I have a four speed i won't need in the near future, so would like to move it on. I have never used it so have no idea about condition. But i can't see any chunks of metal inside and the synchros all feel ok with not too much play through the gear lever. I will get photos if anybody is keen. I am in adealaide. CHEERS.
Pm sent
Is this still for sale??
still for sale.
still have it..
ill give you 50 for it if no one else shows any interest. Im in Gawler, SA
not sure what the going rate is for these. And i presume it will fit my A12??
how much do you want for this paddy?? U PULL IT sell 120y gearboxes for 66 bux.
pm sent
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