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Left over parts, Dato clean up - Sold

Hey guys, got a few items thats left from building my dato ute. I'm not going to put prices, just offer me something if you need it. Some stuff I'm willing to courier at buyers cost. Hit me up if you want it.

1k ute door glass set

1k Ute Door Frames including 1/4 Glasses

1k Bonnet - some rust, pretty straight, pk screw holes in it, has no bonnet catch bracing. Good for bonnet pins.

1k window regs

1k m/cylinder

1k ute tail lights

1k ute vent grille

1k ute door actuators

1k door handles

Think its a 1200 wiper motor. Not sure what condition. Will test soon

Random 1k ute door hinge

Single air horn, was from my morrie minor
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