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KB10 dash

I currently have a washer knob , that reads "rear" and a squirt symbol... obviously this is a replacement for what was supposed to be there , i also have a plastic washer bottle with an electric motor on the bottom as a washer pump, which im guessing is also after market lol.
What sort of washer knob or button is supposed to be there , and is the electric pump for the washers standard, cauz i do remember (maybe) a washer with a foot pump...
PS are the lighters that come out of 1000's rubbish - ie break often ?
and can i just use any old after market one, or am i better off to try and get an original one?

here is a shot of the button , and my most awesome immaculate interior...
A washer with a foot pump? Are you serious?
hmm ok well there was once an old car i had with a foot pump lol prolly a fiat
foot pump washers is an old domestic North American thing, although they did have them in the old european cars too. I remember lots of them in Fords when I was little.
Ok what i really wanted with this post is
Whats an original washer switch look like - ie image and does anyone have a working one they wanna sell
Does anyone have a working ciggarette lighter that matches knob style with the kb10 (hmm even not working may be ok if i can get a mate to look at it he (may) be able to repair it )
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