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X-mas compitetion.

sheesh.. thanks for the vote Tuesday... I'm glad you made the list as well, your just as keen to hand over parts, source parts.. quest for parts..
Radelaid, 2 day quest to fill up a conatainer with said Coupe and Parts.. oh and a apparently Mandatory visit to the slightly insane equestrian centre till 3am.., (Crazy Horse)
I hadn't even thought about flashers for the 68 wags.. I think they are short.. what does my Wags look like.. I can't remember.. ha ha
oh and I vote for Beetwenty for being a top Bloke!!!!
The winner of our X-mas competition is revhead001 with a total of 4 votes.
Congratulations Don, I'll get these sent off to you ASAP.

Total votes ended as follows...

  • DatsAmore (X1)
  • rubeytuesday(X1)
  • Dundee1000(X1) voted by rubeytuesday
  • Botoneta(X1) Voted by clyons8
  • revhead001 (X4) Voted by revhead001, d, Thou Ute & siliviaspecr
  • ripdragon(X1)
  • Neil (X1)
  • siliviaspecr (X1) voted by derrick719

Thank you to everyone for joining in on this little X-mas competition.
Kind Regards, Ash.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Congrats revhead001, good to see they went to someone deserving. Here's to your 2012 being a better year than your 2011. 
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Yay me. Finally having a sob story pays off. Cheers for votes, I'm sure it was a sympathy vote due to the unsightly condition of my face!!! Happy new year fellas. I will continue along the path of spreading good Datsun Karma.
Some people play hard to get... I play hard to want...
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