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SDC Megalong Valley Summer Cruise, Sunday 12 february, All Welcome!

Would like to see some 1000's on this cruise 
I dont think mine will make so il probably take my 120y

All Welcome ! 

Details so far :
SDC Megalong Valley Summer Cruise, Sunday 12 february.

Meet @ at the twin servos M4 west bound (truck stop), at eastern creek 9 for 9.30 leave SHARP

Heading up the blue mountains ,Then stopping off @ the old Hydro Majestic Hotel car park on the Great Western Highway Bath, just after katoomba to regroup and on to megalong valley (old ford reserve)...for a BBQ

should be a big one !!!!!! 

Also Check out the lnik below for updates:
Should be a good cruise , some awsome roads. I did the last one a few years ago.
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