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Help! What Happened to my Avatar?

I'm not sure when, but my avatar photo has gone on the fritz! I've tried re-loading it, but no luck.  I've even tried changing it for one I've re-sized (from 640x480 to 100x75), but no luck there either.
Is there something I'm maybe missing?  Please help!!
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
All fixed now! 
Thank you Mystery Avatar Fixing-Type person!
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
Neither myself or Ash (beetwenty) did anything at all. This really is a mystery!
All I can think is your browser cached the old avatar, and did some weird stuff since the old and new avatars are stored with the same filename on the server...
I just had the same prob changed it prob 50 times and it kept coming up as my old one. Finally git frustrated and gave up and signed off next time I came in it was my new one.
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Ok, now I'm sure it's a caching issue.
To speed things up, browsers won't reload images they've seen before. They can get confused and use an old (cached) version of an image, based on the filename alone.
I guess it's actually my fault for being a bit OCD and naming the avatars filenames after their username.
I'll put a note saying to refresh the page when you upload a new avatar
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