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wiper arms

hi all this is going to sound like a stupid question but im trying to take my wiper arm assembly off i've got the wiper off but i can't seem to get the rest out i've undone the nut but what to i do now.
cheers chris
Do you mean the wiper arm that holds the blade, or the whole assembly that connects both arms to the motor Chris?
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Yeh the assembly that connects to the motor
You've undone both bolts, yeah? Mine came out and went back in easily, but then again I don't have a heater at the moment.  Maybe the heater has to be removed first??
When the "D" hits your eye, like a txt smiley guy...
i think it goes in and comes out one way i took one out not to long ago but can't remember i half think there's a key??
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yeh i got the heater out to and yeh both nuts are undone i was looking at it again tonight it looks like there is a spline in side the spline that holds the wiper arm on does that come off?
19/20 remove from outside.
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thanks mate thats how ithort it was ment to go i just no trying hard enough lol
Watch your paint when you remove 19/20.
Just take your time with it.
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yeh thats ok doing a re spray on it need to take them out for sum rust repair
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