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NOS Rear Windshield Rubber - Genuine Nissan Part, An expensive mistake! - $200.00

Location: Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Item: KB10 Rear Glass Rubber Seal
Item Condition: Superb/Immacculate Original Nissan Bag
Extra Info: I bought this and was told it was for a 2dr sedan and I just opened it today to find it is completely wrong! I looked in the parts book and it is for a KB10. Hopefully someone here would want to buy it?
Reason for Selling: Not wanted, want my money back (what I paid was $200).
Price: $200.00 - I would like to get my money back but let me know what you have to offer.
Postage:  Approximately AUD$25.00 via Express Mail Service
Contact Info: PM
Pictures: Upon Request
so you thought it was b10 right?
theres b10 ones on ebay for $77aud
i guess the good news is it is probly worth that to sell, i havnt seen em for
kb10 at all...so must be harder to get, so more $$$
This was purchased about 7 years ago before any of the eBay remakes. I was a bit suspect on those anyway as I was pretty keen on my OEM parts.
The ones on eBay are about $120.00 landed. So...... only $80.00 extra for OEM, not bad really.
bump, any kb10 restorations out there?
Accepting offers.
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