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Christmas Competition, Datsun 1000 Related Images.

Gonna have to go for the Wurzel #6 ipood Mod. The techo-freak in me tipped me over the edge. for that. So many good options..... dang, .........
Great work everybody, I'm voting for KDOGG entry 3.
GTi-t KB10
Results for the Xmas Comp are...

clyons8 Entry #1 (2 Votes)

reubytuesday Entry #2 (2 Votes)

So these guys have both equaled First place, Hmm what to do now?
I have decided to award the first place to reubytuesday, because If I was to vote I would have chosen reubytuesdays first entry. (It is currently my windows background).
reubytuesday Entry #1

For clyons8 I have transfered you the equivilant cash value of first prize via paypal.
(I know you would rather the money to put towards one of your many Datsun projects).
So that takes care of first place.
For second place each of the entrys below can choose one of the Datsun 1000 stickers and i'll post them off to you all.

DatsAmore Entry #1 (1 Vote)

Wurzel Entry #6 (1 Vote)

KDOGG Entry #3 (1 Vote)

Thank you for becoming involved in this comp guys, There were some really great entry's.
I look foward to coming up with something different for you guys next year.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks a bunch datsun1000.com! and congratulations to everyone
woohooo!!!!! winner winner chicken dinner.....
The Missis has made it clear. These are her winnings, and I dont get to use them.... They are going into her tool kit.....
Fair call too... Ill have to post up a pic of her using them on her projects.
Ill PM my address I suppose now. Kinda have a bit of winners remorse as such....
congratulations and awesome work Kids.. !!!
Congrats to not only the well deserved winners, but to all those who contributed and got into the spirit of things.
Great Idea. Cheers admins! 
Can only see it getting better and more peeps involved next year. (I'll also make sure I read the rules closer)
I will upload the ring to shapeways in the new year, and if It spits out a good print, I will let you guys know.
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