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New Project Arrival

My datsun E10 finally arrived after travelling a monstrous amount of kilometres, it has been a 12 month wait! Word is it was originally from these parts, but I am still soughting the details.
It shares the 988cc A10 that is featured in the 1000 family so I hope it's not too far off-topic! She's a little rough but complete.

What do you lads think? I am very much in love with it already
It is a Datsun and it came with an A10. (1000).
I think that meets the criteria for a Datsun 1000.
I look foward to seeing more of this build Chris.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Thanks Ash, It truly has the same charm as a 1000. Small, efficient and humble. I am very very happy with it. My dads aunt used to have the excact same model in the UK so he was very impressed to see it. He thinks i'm a little crazy with the datsun thing....
It's not crazy, look at Jay Leno.
With enough opportunity most of us would own a great number of cars.
You will have to keep us imformed as to what parts are interchangeable with our 1000's as you discover them.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Shall do. 
Haha not sure about the JLeno thing! I get a very good deal on freight so it's not as expensive as most people think. Still costly but it comes down to how much you enjoy them. I'm just waiting on some last minute parts for the B10 and i can make a start on this one.
Congratulations Chris,and enjoy that moment,its a very nice model to rebuild that!
good luck,
Jeez you dont do things by halfs Chris!
Dunno anything about these, looks like it has potential tho...bonnet looks like a challenge if you cant find a replacement tho... Did an elephant sit on it!?
haha no, some peanut (either the trucker or shipper) opened the bonnet the conventional way but these are hinged from the front. They buckled both corners and ruined the hinge mounts........
Its a cool little rig and I'm keen to begin the resto.
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