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More 'recent posts' tabs?

I always feel a little rude doing this because its such a cool site but can we try a two by three grid of recent posts so we have 6 visible on thehome page? The three are good but theres a fair bit more going on these days and i thought itd be beneficial. Maybe even 8  slots?
last thing is just to let you know that the links to threads in the email notifications do not seem to work for me, not sure if this is an issue with others too.
Don't feel rude Chris.
Your comments are always welcome here.
This is exactly why we have this section, to keep things working and keep our forum user friendly.
I'll run it by Andrew and we'll see what we can do.
Thanks for the input.
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I think it's awesome having the recent ones at the top, and always click the link to scroll thru the stuff i have missed,
the front page is neat and not too cluttered..
could be time for a cooooooool VB10 up there though...
I think multiples of 3 work well to keep things wide enough. I've changed it to 6 most recent posts, but I can change it to anything if that doesn't work.
I'll look into the links in notification emails now...
Hey Chris,
Topic Reply links should work in emails now.
There was a problem with the site converting links to relative URL's ("http://www.datsun1000.com/TopicView.asp" was becoming just "TopicView.asp".
All better now.
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