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Primary jet blocked

Hey guys. Have a b20 with a standard 1200 engine in it. Seems to be when it's hotter (might be a coincidence tho) but it intermittently will conk out if the throttle is between about 20 per cent and 80 per cent. I'm thinking that its an intermittently blocked jet in the carby. It will idle and run a little rougher when the problem occurs but if given any throttle under almost flat out it will just stop firing. Floor it though and it will cough a bit and then rev up a lot, then if I release the throttle a little it will stop firing again. What do you guys think? Was gonna seek some advise before ripping my carby apart. Thanks
Now I'm thinking its because the engine gets hot. Fuel vaporising maybe?. Has a slightly blocked radiator maybe that is the whole cause. Runs at almost on the H
Yeah definately shouldn't be that hot. Maybe next time you get it that hot and it die's on you, quickly pull the air cleaner off and have a look at the float bowl level, see if it has been running out of fuel due to vaporisation?
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