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mulotix 1000, Sunny 1000 Coupe Deluxe

It is an air vent lid, and is specific to the early model heaters.
It is just a basic spring loaded door on a hinge pivioting from it's top edge.

1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
So cardboard and tape lol
Where the hell am I gonna find one of them lol
They don't show up too often, you could try to place a wanted to buy topic and see if anybody has one laying about.
If you have no luck there...
I have found sometimes the best way to find what you need is to ask for it when you are buying something else for your 1000.
In many cases it is the only way to find those obscure parts you are chasing.
People often don't see listing strange parts worth the effort but don't want to just throw it away either.
Im sure there are a great number of odd bits just waiting around in cupboard limbo.
If you are getting stuff anyway, then another bit is not much extra bother for the seller.
If anything it makes the sale more worthwhile.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Great job on the heater mate, inspired me to reco mine. A pitty about top flap missing hopefully you get one or even make something up off those owners manual pics.
Cheers Dix!
Question on the dash, for the wipers I have to click upwards for slow and to the top for fast. But my fan switch is the other way around. Is that the factory setup? Up for wipers down for fan speed? Or has one of mine been rotated?
Just a quick update. FINNALY got my core back! The guy tried 3 different cores before he got it right but for $129
My switches in the wagon are up for off....but the cars are old so could have been swapped around.
Do you know if that core if off a ford XP or XR? be good to know for the future
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Cheers dix,
The standard cores should be brass ends with steel fins 3 core.
We tried 3 times to get the right core the first 2 times we used a copper nippondenso 3 core (old stock). But the problem with them is the way the fins are manurfactured there a soldered rolled seam. Everytime we flowed to seal the fins the folded seal would leak. We finnaly used a different core its a universal 3 core available from supplies its a custom job. The fin setup is different too.
- - -
- - - standard 3 core
- - -
-  -
  -   new core
-  -
If you would like a recore I can get it done for $250 everywhere else for me was over $350
I was lucky enough to have someone that was willing to put free time in to sort me out lol

What's going on there? Looks like a full rebuild?
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