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Just wondering how much gap there is supposed be 
between the sump and crossmember . It's a 1000 ute 
with the 1200 motor
 vg30et powered starion daily
A12 powered datsun1000 rebuilding

The engine must clear all surrounding components in the engine bay at maximum engine
movement including under maximum torque in both forward and reverse gears. A clearance of at
least 10mm must be provided beyond that required for maximum engine movement.
Additional clearance must be provided to components likely to deteriorate from the heat from
nearby engine and exhaust components. In particular, flexible fuel pipes, power steering hose and
steering column shaft couplings incorporating rubber or fabric components must be placed well
clear of hot exhaust components and shielded if necessary.
When fitting a replacement engine to a vehicle with a beam type front axle, sufficient clearance
must be provided between the top of the axle, steering linkages and drive shaft (on four wheel
drive vehicles) and the engine (usually the sump) to allow the axle full bump movement.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
The swap was already started when I purchased  the car look like I need to make new engine mounts thanks for the help
 vg30et powered starion daily
A12 powered datsun1000 rebuilding
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