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WTB 1000 wagon

Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum and have just recently fallen in love with datsun 1000 wagons. I've been a mk1 cortina lover and own a very cancerous 4 door sedan. but its been hard to find a decent 2 door project within my budget. So i'm look for a datsun 1000. I noticed D has one for sale, i've pmed him and waiting for a reply, does anyone know if his is still for sale?  
I'm looking for one in running condition with good interior, paint doesnt have to be good but as long as theres not too much rust, infact preferably minimal rust as i'm allready over cutting and welding with my dodgy welder/skills.
thanks guy hope to hear from someone. I am on the Sunshine Coast and am willing to pay expenses for transport if it's in victoria or something like D's is.
good choice on the VB10's, they are awesome...
Thanks dundee im looking forward to chatting to you guys and learning more about these amazing cars!
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