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Image Browser Feature

Hi Andrew/Ash,

With regard to the image browser, if I upload an image does it load to a photo database? and is that base accessible?

I would think a photo album would be cool, with the provision of a comment dialogue beneath each image. Not sure if categorising them images would be worth it, perhaps a personal photoalbum would be more appropriate?

If the photo's would pose an increase in costs I would be happy to pitch in to make it possible.

At the moment the Image Browser is just for adding photos to posts (so you don't have to use sites like photobucket.com).

I'm thinking of putting a link in each user's profile to a kind of user gallery, showing the contents of their Image Browser.

My reasoning being: I'm happy to host images if they're Datsun 1000 related, but not so happy if the Image Browser feature ends up being abused as a free host for other sites.

This would be a way to open things up and hopefully ensure the images in people's folders are relevant.

I don't think there's really a privacy issue since the images would be elsewhere in the site anyway.

Any thoughts?

--- EDIT ---

I just found this topic, and have moved my reply here (instead of in the "Test" one)

I plan to:

  • Create a link from user's profiles to their gallery
  • Allow a caption for each image
  • Let users organise their images in sub-folders

I'll make these changes soon, but at the moment I'm a little busy with work. stay tuned...
I've added a link to view a user's gallery from their profile page. You can also add a caption when uploading an image.

I'm going to hold off on the sub-folders for now, and see how we go.
Sounds good Andrew! Cheers.
cool i have spme pictures now in my account ill post some soon
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