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Steering column indicator switches

Anyone know how this is supposed to look? Where the spring goes and if its supposed to be all bent lol
It should not be bent like that.

Here are some pics from an ancient for sale ad over on ratsun.net for reference.
Listed as a 1200 part, but part numbers say 25540-H0100.  (the xxxxx-H01xx part of the number means it is for a 1000)
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
Ash do you know the part number for the copper conector bar/flap. Thing that makes the connection to activate the horn? (first photo bacwards looking 'S')
Would this be the same in a 1200?
And.... Does anyone have one?
All fixed thanks Ash! The tab was earthing out causing my horn relay to stay active, thus draining my battery over night.
Don't know the part number sorry, and my parts book is packed up as im moving house.
even my computer is being boxed up in about 30 seconds.
I recently put up an english parts manual in the downloads section.

Datsun 1000 Part Numbers (523 pages)

  • B10_Part_Numbers.pdf (23.4 Mb)

    And yes I will have one once i unpack everything again at the new place.
    So if you fail to find one contact me in a week or so and i'll help you out.
  • 1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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