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Stickied How to embed YouTube Videos, [yt]...[/yt] tag

To embed a YouTube video

Go to the YouTube video you want to embed. For example:


Copy the video's ID (shown above in pink between v= and &feature=related).

Surround this code with [ yt ] and [/ yt] tags in your post

Important Note:
Don't type the spaces between the [ yt ] and [/ yt] tags.
I've had to add them in this post to show the tags without the website converting them to a YouTube video.

For example:

[ yt ]fADzBNK1vmU[/ yt]


shit yea i've always wondered about how to do this
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Sweet. Thanks Andrew.
Thanks Andrew, thats what hopefully one of us could do to a 1000 one day!
Always wanted a rear mounted engine of some sort maybe a HR16DDTT one day
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