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Datsun 1000 stainless pieces around front and rear window

Does anyone know how to put in the stainless pieces around the front an rear window?
Do you have the OEM seals?
I do not have the oem seals i bought a set on ebay.
Non oem seals do not accommodate the silver trim.
Is there anyone that do accomodate the trim any more for a 1000?
How can you get your hands on the oem kits? Can you get a company to custom make them like that?
Plan to buy a fully kit aswell but also plan to do the stainless trims.
You can ask your local Nissan dealer, or keep an eye out on online auctions and other stock auctions, search worldwide.  Europe, Asia, Australia.
Yes, provide them with a profile, pay for any costs and then you'll have the new production seal!
Do you have to have the stainless inserts or can the screen go in without? The seal I have has a place for it but I don't have / cant find an insert.
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