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5 speed for sale - $850.00

60 series 5 speed standard shift pattern
clean, no cracks , clean oil, magnetic bung looks good, starter motor threads are good
includes the 60 series clutch lever, spring, bearing carrier and gearstick
All 6 gears engage and turn easily by hand but it is not road tested
Photos do my head in but I can email them to anyone interested
Can ship East
is gearbox still available? is it overdrive? any idea of shipping cost to Sydney? Apologies for the 20 questions but i'm a newbie to these parts. Nik 0422373608
Hi Nik, Welcome to the 1K forum
Still available and is Overdrive, shipping to Sydney depot about $45
Thanks for the reply. One more question. Have done the rounds of the site, and I understand that this gearbox fits the 1000. Can it be fitted without modification of the tunnel ?
Short answer-- No

you need to slightly "massage" the spot on the tunnel where the clutch lever would otherwise hit
factory reverse switch can't be used ( same clearance problem as putting a 60 box into a B110)
custom rear mount has to be made.
but it is all possible as plenty of 1000 owners have been down this road
Hi mate just wondering is the gearbox still for sale? I will need it shipped to Melbourne if possible.

Cheers Jake
Melbourne is no problem
delivery to a depot about$60,to your address about $80
5 speed still available
Still for sale weekend ??
sold a year ago but have another 60 5 speed for sale
Sweet is it in good condition ? and How much do you think it will cost to ship to Adelaide ??
$40 to Adelaide, PM sent
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