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Windscreen rubber, Wagon - ute

Hi all. I've got a dilemma! I bought a windscreen rubber about 7 years ago and now that I'm at the stage of putting in the screen I've got a wagon one not a ute. The wagon has sharp corners at the top and the ute has a radius at the top, does anyone know if ute seals are still available or point me in the right direction or if someone knows if sedan rubbers fit. Any info would help, cheers.
Hey I dont know about how to fit different rubbers or whatnot but im pretty sure you can buy new rubbers from 'rare spares' thats where im getting mine for my datsun 1000 coupe but yeah hope that helps
Thanks mate, but that's the rubber I have and they only stock one style. Keep hunting that's half the fun 
Hi all I just need you all to know I am an air head, I should have tried the rubber before confusing everyone thinking there was a difference! I test fitted the rubber and everything all good , I felt like a right fool when I worked it out. Thanks for the help anyway.
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