Rocher's Gallery

full lock
pedal box
Wilwood delivery from USA
engine bay
Steering arm - full droop
Steering rack - tacked in
Jenvey throttle body.jpg
Steering bracket - 2
Steering bracket - 1
steering bracket - on car
Steering rack location mk2
Steering rack shortened
Steering rack - housing
Steering rack - rack shaft
base plate of engine mount
making engine mount
final location of the engine... finally
dry sump
exhaust clearance
external gate 2
external gate 1
mock up with GTX2860R
Rear brakes mock up
caliper mount - template
Compressor map GTX2860R.png
turbo clearance 2
turbo clearance 1
turbo mounted
gearbox tunnel removed
Timing cover/engine mount
engine mount (2).jpg
engine mount (1).jpg
Drivers side engine internal
Mock up V2
engine bay (rear)
Engine in bay (front)
rx8 gearbox in
Dry Sump pump
toe rod refurbished
Aprox engine position
Steering column
fixed steering rack bracket welded in place
front cover (sitting on cross member)
front cover 1
so close
clearance issues...
Turbo clears steering linkage (finally...)
Final steering rack position
upper steering column
steering and engine (pos. 1)
turbo + steering column = fail
steering and engine (1)
flaming river steering rack.jpg
rack in position, will interfere with engine
starlet steering rack
single rotor bolted up
single rotor sitting in engine bay
port timing
pedal box
R32 Disk on datto 1000 front hub (rear)
R32 Disk on datto 1000 front hub (front)
13b rear housing location no front cover
13b rear housing location with front cover
single rotor (front cover)
single rotor (no front cover)
oil pump protusion
The datto to be restored
scuttle panel, it's worse then the photo shows
rear quarters need work
Datto post sandblasting