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Looking for a VB10. If anyone has or knows someone who is or might be thinking of selling could you please let me know. Condition wise will look at most as long as the body is not dead.
rare bird these days, you have to pry it from somebodys hands for good mula
as they command very well like most 2 door vans, even in Japan a 4 door
boxy 80s sunny fetch 10k aud for just a workable body base for resto.
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All good...got myself a WB310 
bit different to a VB10... 
I've got a pair of VB10's 
Only asked on here about a vb10...have been chasing all flavours up to the 310.
Ive got 2.5 vb10's. as D said, youd have to pry them out of my hands with decent money. they sure aint a 310!
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