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B10 2 door sedan door window weatherstrips, advice needed

Hi guys
Im struggling to find weatherstrips to weatherproof my B10. It seems like it has majority of the rubbers but needs replacement 1/4 window rubbers and door window weather strips. 
Does anyone know if the 1200 rubbers will fit or have any advice on modifying other models' rubbers to fit? I know Datsport sells them and im in contact with them too. 
Any advice would be much appreciated, TIA
Sounds like you are already on the right path.
Datsport will be your best bet for rubbers.
Don't remove any rubbers until you have a replacement in your hands.
Especially 1/4 window rubbers as there are no replacements available that I am aware of.
1967 Datsun B10 2 Door.
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