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Opinions on reverse lights NLA, What do you guys think?

Well the reverse light on the early Wagons is always rusted to the core and Ive used good Honda 1973 early civic ones in the past but these are also crap these days. I incorrectly ordered some LED ones in chrome for me and Matt the new owner of my ex-VB10 but the more I look at them the more I want to throw up and realise I stuffed up, as they dont suit the era of the car. So before I go to sleep tonight I wasted a heap of time looking through the net for that retro look for the rear reverse light and found these...
what do you guys think? just need a couple on both sides hanging from the bumper brackets and replace with single white bulb.
"4PCS Universal Motorcycle Motorbike Bullet Chrome Turn Signal Indicator Lights"

any other suggestions????
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